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Susan and Terry talk. [06 Sep 2003|01:43pm]

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[05 Sep 2003|03:16am]

Parvati walked out of Transfiguration, the heavy text held up against her chest. Her mind was half-reviewing the lesson (her kitten that she'd transformed into an oven mitt still had a small tail), half preoccupied with what she'd seen the other day on the Quidditch Pitch. Her lack of attention to her surroundings made the inevitable happen - she bumped into a random person, dropping the things in her hands. "Oh, sorry!" she said, not seeing who it was.

Reflexively, Draco went for his wand, sneer sliding to the fore as he prepared to hex whatever unfortunate had crossed his path- and then, belatedly, he recognized tthe voice as his eyes fell up on her, and for a moment he was still, wand yet undrawn.

Dropping to the floor, she began picking up the scattered items, gathering them together. "Are you okay? I should've watched where I was going, I have this bad habit of thinking and not paying attention...." Her voice trailed off as she looked up and saw Draco staring down at her, his wandarm tense.

"I," he said, voice as frozenly tense as his arm, "am excellent, though my robes are a trifle ruffled."
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Owl to Bellatrix Lestrange (and her eyes only) [04 Sep 2003|06:34pm]

[ mood | Serious ]

Ch�re Madame,

I beg you will pardon my forwardness in owling you without formal introduction, but as we are to be related by marriage, I am sure you will forgive the intrusion.

You will surely understand that though I have no passionate feelings for Draco, I do nonetheless consider him most cordially, and as his fiancee I am concerned about him lately. He does not confide in me, but to my eyes he has lost much of his energy and drive, and ... I am worried about him.

I do not desire to invite his parents into this matter, but I thought perhaps you, as an Aunt and advisor, could perhaps speak to him ? At least try and lure him out of his m�lancolie ?

I remain, Madame, your most devoted,
Fleur Delacour

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[02 Sep 2003|04:08am]

[ mood | dirty ]

The wind was cold in Draco's face, though the day was warm- but then, he was flying high, spiraling in a rising circle around the quidditch pitch, letting his speed increase gradually until the air that slid past burned his cheeks and pushed tears into his eyes. he had been flying for an hour, or more, trying to let the wind clear out his mind, erase his confusion, blow away everything he felt but did not understand.

Approaching the pitch, Emma let her schoolbag slide from her shoulders down onto the ground. She hadn't attended any classes today - McGonagall had given her a note that excused her for the next week while her brother was making funeral preparations - but she felt more secure with the bag. She watched Draco spiral higher and higher, until she got dizzy, then pulled out her wand and sent a jet stream of green light flying up near him.
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[31 Aug 2003|01:22pm]

In which Bella goes back to Mundungus and more miscommunication ensuesCollapse )

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Owl to Mundungus Fletcher [31 Aug 2003|08:58am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Dear Mundungus,

I'm alright. Hogwarts is fairly normal, which I think in this case is not a good thing. Listen, I so sorry I didn't write you sooner, but something's happened, and it's all crazy here, and I think I'm an auror again, but I need to watch out for Pansy too, because I really don't understand her, but I think she's wrapped up in a lot of really bad stuff.
I need I want I really need to talk to you, I love you about everything.
I'm sorry. And I want you back too. As friends? But not really... As friends.


PS. Pet Hector for me.

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A conversation (this likely happened several days ago). [29 Aug 2003|12:58am]

Emma and Draco discuss Gerick's deathCollapse )

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Owl to Arabella Figg [26 Aug 2003|08:30pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Dear Bella,

How are you? And why haven't you contacted me? No, wait, I know that, you don't want to see me. how is everybody at Hogwarts?

Heard you helped that Parkinson girl out. I'm so proud of you, even if I don't know if she deserved it. But you always liked justice and helping people out. That was good.

I don't know what to say to you. I love want you back. Not like that if you don't want me, but As friends. Please.



PS: Hector sends much purring.

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Ha! Bet you didn't see that one coming! [24 Aug 2003|09:43pm]

[ mood | excited ]

A meeting between two members of the White Rose.Collapse )

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[21 Aug 2003|06:25pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Ron and Hermione in the Common RoomCollapse )

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[20 Aug 2003|02:53pm]

In Which Pansy Finds Something She Wants Bella to Get Rid OfCollapse )

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[19 Aug 2003|02:03am]

[ mood | tired ]

Bun in the oven and a chicken in the kitchenCollapse )

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Owl to Angelina Weasley [17 Aug 2003|09:18pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Owl to AngieCollapse )

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[17 Aug 2003|04:29pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

Annie and Fleur meet in the library . . . girlfight! Well, not quite, but still amusing.Collapse )

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[16 Aug 2003|01:48am]

[ mood | loved ]

The Lestranges plan a party and make a very important decisionCollapse )

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[14 Aug 2003|02:33am]

[ mood | horny ]

Rodolphus comes homeCollapse )

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[11 Aug 2003|05:34pm]

Megan & Padma have a meeting in the kicthen.Collapse )

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[08 Aug 2003|05:09pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Blaise and Annie have an awkward conversation indeedCollapse )

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Owl to Ron Weasley [07 Aug 2003|10:54pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Dearest Ron,
Happy Birthday, darling! I know it's not your actual birthday, but the company took a bit longer to finance and ship than your father expected. He originally wanted to buy you some Muggle rubbish, some "VCR" or something that Fred was telling him about, but I simply wouldn't let him. So I spoke to Charlie and he told me that the Cleansweep series was best for Keeping, and even though you know I don't like you playing Quidditch so much--so dangerous!--your father and I agreed on a new broom for this year's birthday. Surprise! It's a second-hand Cleansweep 7X but it's been refinished, and I'm told it's as good as new. I do hope you like it, sweetheart.

Enclosed is a slightly worn, but perfectly good Cleansweep 7X, along with a patented Weasley Sweater (TM), in a (for once) nice, royal blue color, and three dozen cookies.

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The Pageant is underway ... [07 Aug 2003|10:41pm]

[ mood | silly ]

Owl to Draco MalfoyCollapse )

Owl to Ron WeasleyCollapse )

Owl to Fred WeasleyCollapse )

Owl to Roger DaviesCollapse )

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